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The divorce record is the actual case file and contains every pleading, motion, and piece of evidence submitted in the case. Online public records finders do not provide you with a copy of the divorce record. You must request a copy of the file from the courthouse where the divorce was finalized.

There are a number of websites you can use to search for divorce records. These sites do all the legwork for you, so you do not have to contact state agencies directly.

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Searches are generally free, but you cannot view the results without paying a fee. The more information you have, the more accurate the search results.

You can search for divorce records on this site with the individual's first and last name, as well the state where they live or lived. If you don't know the state, the site will conduct a nationwide search. The website then provides a list of names that match, or are similar to, the name you searched for.

It also provides a list of cities the individual has lived in, and possible relatives, which can help narrow down the list, if the search provides numerous potential matches. Government Registry searches billions of records, from marriage and death certificates to criminal arrest records.

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To search for a divorce record, you need only provide the individual's first and last name to conduct the search - approximate age, city and state are optional the default search is nationwide , although the more information you have, the better the results.

Then, the site will provide you with a list of possible matches. From to , the divorce rate in the Lone Star State has dropped by nearly 3 for every 1, Texans.

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Most experts agree that this is because fewer couples are choosing to get married. Texas keeps track of marriages that happen within state borders and include marriage licenses, and marriage certificates. Before , the Catholic Church was the only body that could legally solemnize a marriage, hence why many Protestant marriage records are listed under Catholic. Between this time and , marriage licenses were issued by county recorders, who also kept marriage registers.

Copies of these records could be granted with a letter to the clerk in the place of issuing.

Where to Find Divorce Records Online

Between and present day, the Bureau of Vital Statistics has been in charge of collecting and storing marriage records. However, copies of these records, and others dating back as far as have been acquired by The Family History Library. In , there were , marriages across the state of Texas, with a crude marriage rate of 6. A birth certificate refers to the document issued upon the birth of a child, and can refer to either the original document or a certified copy.

Here, verification letters for divorce decrees are only available for divorces that were filed from to the present. You can also search through indexes of divorce records sorted by year. These records may be purchased or downloaded for free from their easy-to-use website. Their website also allows you to request verifications of divorce decrees online or by mail.

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One website in particular, Texas Divorce Records , will allow you to search records using the names of the parties involved, but like the Vital Statistics Unit, it only contains data from to the present. If you need assistance tracking down your divorce records, or discussing the terms of an upcoming divorce, contact the Vaught Law Firm for reliable family law counsel. Skip to content We Understand. We Can Help. How to Find Divorce Records in Texas.

find divorce records in texas Find divorce records in texas
find divorce records in texas Find divorce records in texas
find divorce records in texas Find divorce records in texas
find divorce records in texas Find divorce records in texas
find divorce records in texas Find divorce records in texas

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