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Typing import logging and logging. You might even accidentally remove some print calls that were being used for nonlog messages. Unlike print , the logging module makes it easy to switch between showing and hiding log messages. Log messages are intended for the programmer, not the user. For messages that the user will want to see, like File not found or Invalid input, please enter a number , you should use a print call. Logging levels provide a way to categorize your log messages by importance.

Messages can be logged at each level using a different logging function. The lowest level. Used for small details. Usually you care about these messages only when diagnosing problems. Used to record information on general events in your program or confirm that things are working at their point in the program. The highest level. Used to indicate a fatal error that has caused or is about to cause the program to stop running entirely.

Your logging message is passed as a string to these functions. The logging levels are suggestions. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which category your log message falls into. The benefit of logging levels is that you can change what priority of logging message you want to see. Passing logging. But after developing your program some more, you may be interested only in errors.

The logging.

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You simply pass logging. So if you want to disable logging entirely, just add logging. For example, enter the following into the interactive shell:. Critical error! This way, you can easily find it to comment out or uncomment that call to enable or disable logging messages as needed. Instead of displaying the log messages to the screen, you can write them to a text file. Writing the logging messages to a file will keep your screen clear and store the messages so you can read them after running the program.

You can open this text file in any text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit.

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The debugger is a feature of IDLE that allows you to execute your program one line at a time. The debugger will run a single line of code and then wait for you to tell it to continue. This is a valuable tool for tracking down bugs. When the Debug Control window appears, select all four of the Stack , Locals , Source , and Globals checkboxes so that the window shows the full set of debug information.

While the Debug Control window is displayed, any time you run a program from the file editor, the debugger will pause execution before the first instruction and display the following:.

These are variables that Python automatically sets whenever it runs a program. The meaning of these variables is beyond the scope of this book, and you can comfortably ignore them. Clicking the Go button will cause the program to execute normally until it terminates or reaches a breakpoint. Breakpoints are described later in this chapter.

If you are done debugging and want the program to continue normally, click the Go button. Clicking the Step button will cause the debugger to execute the next line of code and then pause again.

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Clicking the Over button will execute the next line of code, similar to the Step button. For this reason, using the Over button is more common than the Step button. Clicking the Out button will cause the debugger to execute lines of code at full speed until it returns from the current function. If you want to stop debugging entirely and not bother to continue executing the rest of the program, click the Quit button. The Quit button will immediately terminate the program. The program will output something like this:.

The debugger will always pause on the line of code it is about to execute. The Debug Control window when the program first starts under the debugger. Click the Over button once to execute the first print call. This shows you where the program execution currently is. Click Over again to execute the input function call, and the buttons in the Debug Control window will disable themselves while IDLE waits for you to type something for the input call into the interactive shell window. Enter 5 and press Return. The Debug Control window buttons will be reenabled.

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Keep clicking Over , entering 3 and 42 as the next two numbers, until the debugger is on line 7, the final print call in the program. You can see in the Globals section that the first, second, and third variables are set to string values '5' , '3' , and '42' instead of integer values 5 , 3 , and When the last line is executed, these strings are concatenated instead of added together, causing the bug. The Debug Control window on the last line.

The variables are set to strings, causing the bug. Stepping through the program with the debugger is helpful but can also be slow. You can configure the debugger to do this with breakpoints. A breakpoint can be set on a specific line of code and forces the debugger to pause whenever the program execution reaches that line.

Open a new file editor window and enter the following program, which simulates flipping a coin 1, times. Save it as coinFlip. When you run this program without the debugger, it quickly outputs something like the following:. To find out more about video interviewing, check out this post from Spark Hire. Panel interviews are the same as individual, face-to-face interviews, but with two or more interviewers in the room.


The main advantage of panel interviewing is that it precludes any personal biases that might creep into the assessment process. Each interviewer will pick up on different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and together hopefully make a much fairer judgement. Panel interviews should last 45 Minutes, at the very least, giving you a suitable amount of time to work out whether the person is genuinely right for the role.

One person should lead the interview, asking all of the main questions, while others follow-up with more in-depth inquiries into each topic. For more information on how and why to conduct a panel interview, check out this article from eHow. Common amongst graduate employers, they are a great way to evaluate candidates in more detail, for a longer period of time.

Most assessments take place across one day although some companies have been known to host week-long assessment interviews. Assessment interviews are so useful because they offer more time to assess a variety of skills, so make sure you take advantage of that with…. Interested in hosting an assessment day? Check out this article from WikiJob. You could conduct your group interview in two key ways… like an individual interview; asking exactly the same questions that you would ask in an individual interview, openly, to the whole group, allowing candidates the chance to compete to impress.

Group interviews that replace the individual interview, should last roughly an hour and a bare minimum of 45 minutes.

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Of course, interviews that incorporate group-work tasks are much more difficult to organise and will invariably last longer, so allow yourself more time. Individual, face-to-face interviews are by far the most popular and efficient form of assessment. Allowing you to get up close and personal with each candidate while keeping an eye on their body language is far more effective than any other interviewing format.

Think about it: do you find it easier to build a relationship with someone over the phone or face-to-face? This shows that the candidate is engaging in conversation, expanding and answering with detail. These could be great candidates for the job. Ideally, the driver can also verify this person has the legal authority to enter into this part of the contract, and speak on behalf of the transport customer. But the effort to attempt to get a signature as often as possible should always be present, especially with residential customers.

No matter where you are, that signature is gold if anyone raises a question after the fact, so you must try, try, try to get a signature every time! If you have the photos, you have supporting evidence and total peace of mind. In addition, transport companies using special BOL apps using third-party time stamping and geo-tagged features will have that extra layer of protection that most insurance companies will request should a fierce dispute arise in the future.

When a vehicle has been damaged, nobody wants to take the blame, and everyone is ready to point the finger at the trucker.

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New cars require an extra level of care because of their high value. If the driver is picking up at a rail yard and the broker has provided a list of Universal Damage Codes, the driver is expected to use them. Transporters must also follow any broker notes regarding notating damage if they expect to get paid in a timely fashion, so drivers really need to read the dispatch sheets so they know exactly what is expected.

If the driver does load without taking proper steps, they deliver and the customer notices, that driver will take all of the blame and have to pay for repairs — and this scenario happens all the time! And that goes double for marking all damages on the gate pass! Even if the transporter has just completed an excellent inspection report, they can also be required based on the type of pickup location to mark any and all damages on additional forms of documentation, such as auto auction gate passes and manufacturing plant gate copies.

A digital BOL can be very helpful in this regard whether to print or email an exact duplicate copy to the security guard to include with the gate copy. Additionally, terminals and tow yards can have their own variations of this rule, and the brokers that use them frequently oftentimes have their own in-house BOL or condition report with other additionally needed details that they require be completed and signed for before a transport meets their own standards of completion. While it may be a real hassle for the driver to follow through with all of this documentation duplication, not doing so can create exponentially more problems and lost wages in the future.

Call the dispatcher, call the owner of the company, but be sure to call somebody! Then take photos and email them, and do not load the car. Good communication prior to loading can be indispensable to avoiding a major damage claim in the future.

5 call have if key trackback type 5 call have if key trackback type
5 call have if key trackback type 5 call have if key trackback type
5 call have if key trackback type 5 call have if key trackback type
5 call have if key trackback type 5 call have if key trackback type
5 call have if key trackback type 5 call have if key trackback type
5 call have if key trackback type 5 call have if key trackback type

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